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Lewis mentioned many books in the course of his writing. He recommended some to correspondents seeking guidance and many others were mentioned in the course of his writing. This page is intended to be an entry point into this material.

Bacon, Francis, Novum Organum (I,45) on the movement of celestial bodies in perfect circles. Miracles 4.4
Cicero De Republica, De Legibus, Somnium Scipionis ( VI,10) an attempt to give plausibility to a fictitious dream by offering psychological causes. Imitated in dream-poetry of Middle Ages. The Discarded Image 3.A
Lucan Pharsalia. Respected by Dante and other mediaevals, and their use illustrates the mediaeval approach to ancient poetical texts: both treating them allegorically, and ranking them with scientific texts without distinction. The Discarded Image 3.B
Apuleius De Deo Socrates He describes the daemons - the middle spirits, creatures between god and men, which the Mediaeval Model adopted very largely; Apuleius' work also formed a channel for 'scraps of Plato' to 'trickle down to the Middle Ages. And he introduced the two Principles: the Triad, and Plenitude, which were used over and over in the Model. The Discarded Image 3.D