Miracles 3.18 Lewis offers several words: seen/apprehended/grasped/known all to try to capture the idea of a linkage between the mental event that constitutes the connection between Ground and Consequent and notes that the connection can be True or False -- i.e. it can be an accurate reflection of reality or an inaccurate one.(See also Grasped which gives the same listing) It seems to me that since this is not a deterministic event as shown by the metapahor 'seen' the mental event is a kind of marking that is like an arrow in a diagram so that Lewis's later use of the works "They are 'about' something other than themselves and can be true or false." both psychological (subjective) events and insights or knowings. See also the Metaphor of Understanding and the distinction between looking at and looking along in Meditation In A Toolshed