C S Lewis

The objective of this Wiki is to present the thoughts of C. S. Lewis as a [[#|cognitive]] network


Owen Barfield on C.S. Lewis:

Owen Barfield, Lewis's archetypal friend of the second kind, talked about Lewis's range. He was a literary critic, a highly successful author of fiction, and a writer and broadcaster of Christian apologetics. Barfield goes on to say: "Some have pointed to his "style," but it goes deeper than that. "Consistency?" Noticeable enough in spite of an occasional inconsistency here or there. His unswerving "sincerity" then? That comes much nearer, but still does not satisfy me. Many other writers are sincere -- but they are not Lewis. No. There was something in the whole quality and structure of his thinking, something for which the best label I can find is "presence of mind." If I were asked to expand on that, I could say only that somehow what he thought about everything was secretly present in what he said about anything." -- from "Owen Barfield on C. S. Lewis" pgs. 121-122. [emphasis added] It is both Lewis's fecundity and his consistency that make him a wonderful candidate for a JIAB prototype.


Sørina Higgins has issued a Call for Papers See Link below:


The publication of The Fall of Arthur, Tolkien's unfinished poem set in the Arthurian legendarium, invites an examination of the theological, literary, historical, and linguistic implications of both the actual Arthurian writings by the major Inklings and of an imaginary, composite, Inklings Arthuriad. Perhaps you can contribute.